Welcome to Rhondda Roleplay!

Rhondda Roleplay are a relatively new community, aiming to bring the best quality roleplay for all of the community.
We were established in December 2022, and have thrived as a community since then, to become what we are today.



We'd love to see you getting involved within our community, why not get involved today.


We have a support team readily available for you to chat to, just open a ticket.


Grab hold of your own personal vehicles, subscribe to our packages and much more!

 whitelisted jobs

Looking for a legitimate way of earning? Get involved with our Whitelisted jobs today!

Does Crim Life Sound FUn?

If you're not looking to earn a living by means of working within a whitelisted business, then the criminal life might be just for you, we have various packages open for our whitelisted gangs, and various events around the city for you to take part in.

Be careful though, you'll have eyes on you most of the time from rival groups!


We've always strived in giving back to our community, and this is why we'll be hosting monthly competitions for a variety of different packages for our members, this can range from Tier Packages, to Exclusive Vehicles being offered to our members.

You have to be in it, to win it though, so be quick and get your entries in!